Being an avid gamer and Twitch user myself, I was naturally inclined to explore what a redesign of the Twitch website could look like. This personal project took around 2 weeks to complete during the downtime I had in between my 2 internships I had and although I would be exhausted from working 10-12 hour days, working on this redesign as a personal project was therapeutic for me.

I love Twitch -- everything about it: the community it brings together, the platform it provides streamers, and the impact on gaming and eSports. When I first started using the Twitch platform, I found many actions I wanted to perform hidden and yet many uncommon actions displayed at all times. As a new user and a self proclaimed laggard on the technology and product life adoption cycle, I found Twitch frustrating to use. I sought to find some way to resolve to the frustration I felt from using the Twitch app. Hence, I took on redesigning the website as a personal project in between juggling the 2 internships I held at the time. 


My main goal for redesigning the Twitch experience was to streamline a way for users to see all of the content offered on Twitch. With over thousands of streamers and millions of streams available, content can easily get lost in the giant hole that is the Twitch abyss. My motivation moving forward with this personal project was to also improve the discovery and promote new streamers using the Twitch platform. This was in part due to the issues I found after helping my brother set up his first Twitch stream and become a streamer. In the wireframes below, you can see these motivations I mentioned in every design choice I made.

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