Homestore developed from the my desire to delve deeper into the web space of UX, product, and design. It is an e-commerce site for furniture that is deeply IKEA inspired (something that is hinted from the furniture names). With Homestore, I wanted to make buying furniture easier and in turn, simpler.


As you visit the IKEA website, you'll find that looking for a mattress is quite an ordeal; navigation is difficult and getting product information is hard for the first time site visitor. Although I'm bringing up IKEA so much, Homestore isn't a redesign of IKEA website per se, as many elements are world's apart in the home page design and product detail page and rather, it is to get my hands on designing for ecomm. 


Compared to mobile, web is quite different -- where we shoot for minimalistic on mobile (since we are limited in screen space), on the web space, we have tons more opportunity to display information on the screen. With this, I found it challenging first starting off with this project and so, initial sketches and wireframing helped tons here. Not trying to get boggled in the information design and typography, but rather information hierarchy and architecture, I kept my wireframes simple and low-fidelity. 


Overall, I'm thoroughly satisfied with how the final product design came out and I'm really glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little to work on ecomm and web space. As e-commerce often times brings with it a ton of information that has to be displayed, finding a medium between displaying all the necessary information and an elegant, clean web design proved to be a challenge that I'm glad I worked through. I'm looking forward to working on more web based products and projects -- which hopefully will come about in my next gig as well.

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