Beloved is an app created during individual design practices I have for myself. These design practices are inspired by daily UI challenges that I normally take on but I really liked this idea and wanted to expand on it so I worked on it for a little while longer. The idea behind Beloved is that it find you matches for potential love interests based on your desired traits in a partner i.e., personality types, religious views, location, and so on. In Beloved, you can have a set of criteria questions and if the interested party answers them to your satisfaction, then they have a chance to direct message you. The set of questions is unique to each user with each user having the ability to create their questions from images, gifs, text, and so on.


I wanted Beloved to be a fun place for users looking to find love and so I kept the fonts light keeping them sans-serif. The color palette includes neutrals with a bright magenta pink as a major accent and primary color because pink is also a color that denotes love and closely relates to red, the color of passion. 


Because this is a design exercise and I wanted to limit the amount of time I spent on it, especially since these are supposed to be daily challenges, I tried not to spend more than a few days working on this. This meant, I skipped over wireframing and went straight from sketch to mocking my solution. In reflection, I would ideally like to have worked on wireframes to have more time to dive into the layout and stew in my design choices. I'm happy with the end result of a few days of work but know that this is the first iteration. If I would to go back, I would reanalyze my decisions in the design and perhaps develop a more in-depth, interactive prototype to be tested out.

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