As a designer -
I'm analytical, adaptive, empathetic, & passionate.
Professionally, read about my story below.


Hi, I’m Amy -- a Product + User Experience (UX) Designer with a cross disciplinary background in CS and Design. Born and raised in Oakland, I studied Cognitive Science and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, the place I called home for 4 years. After graduating in the Spring of 2015, I briefly attended Academy of Art University to study towards an MFA in Visual & Game Development, faintly explored a career in medicine, and finally returned to UX with completing the Springboard UX Bootcamp before embarking on my design career. 

I've been told I'm  driven, full of energy, and have a refreshing  personality (You'll find this true in my LinkedIn referrals). I communicate well with all others and what you see is what you get with me. Work wise, I am a team player who is forward thinking, highly adaptable, and hard working. I'm eager and have a strong desire to learn and grow exponentially. Most important of all, I'd probably love to work with you or at the very least, meet you.


I design products and how users may interact with them to make these experiences a delightful one. My passion is in creating such intuitive experiences that meet at the intersection of elegant design and business goals so it's not enough to say that I enjoy doing so. My goal as a designer is to create applications that provide its users improved simplicity of use to make their tasks easier to complete, jobs easier to do, and their activities more enjoyable. 


As a person, I'm always trying to improve myself, whether that be through self-discovery or self-learning. This means you'll always find that I am attending some sort of design conference, meetup, talk, or event. I'm most likely also taking some self improvement classes whether personal or professional, and reading up on the latest tech news and design trends. 


I focus on designing products that are consumer, user, and player centric solutions while also meeting business needs. I've worked in both startup and corporate environments designing for multi-platform applications in both iOS and Android software. I have experience working in the healthcare sector as a medical professional as well as experience working in the gaming industry as an experience designer who is an avid gamer with a passion for the industry. In addition, I have experience designing for both B2B and B2C applications.

Wanna talk? Get in touch with me at: